About me and my journey... 


My conscious spiritual journey began in Salem, MA when I wandered into Hauswitch, a local, modern witch store. After spending months struggling with a deep depression, it was as if doing this was me allowing myself to start exploring some actual hobbies. I now know that this was also a step towards finding my life’s work. 

That same day, I bought a tincture for grounding and quickly signed up for some of their upcoming workshops. In fact, it was in one of these workshops that I had my first conscious intuitive experience, which further changed the trajectory of my future.

Through my life experiences so far, I have learned that healing brings power. I don’t mean power over others, I mean something far more amazing than that. Your healing brings you power over yourself. It brings you empowerment and gives power to your actions. 

My goal is to share this idea with my clients and allow them to push the limits of their healing and thus their power.


"Your Healing Gives You Power" 

Throughout the past couple years, my work has shifted multiple times. But, while specific offerings may not stay consistent, my goal is for my soul and my work to be aligned. This means that you will be able to receive my best and most aligned work.

No matter what the offering, the idea that your healing gives you power is prevalent in all of my work. Even when I am not offering healing, my goal in sharing intuitive or mediumship readings is to relay messages from Spirit that will bring you healing! Granted this healing must be more self-guided, however, that can also make the healing more potent than a typical healing session might bring!

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